MATT is a bi-national organization that builds bridges of understanding between Mexico and the United States. Founded in 2006, we have promoted solutions to help the two countries solve the social and economic problems that affect them both. Our strategy incorporates multiple perspectives in order to develop holistic policies and programs that address the challenges facing the region and boosting economic prosperity through cooperation.

  • Bordernomics (2017): A bi-national alliance with the participation of 40 companies from Mexico and the United States that promotes public policies to boost economic development.
  • Municipio Incluyente (2018-): proposes to design and integrate a training program for public officials at the municipal level to offer return migrants adequate assistance regarding the programs available at both the federal and state levels. The training will provide municipal workers with the necessary tools to help migrants with their reintegration into their community of origin and the use of their talents acquired while abroad.
  • Salud Nuevas Fronteras (2014-): Seeks increased professionalization of nursing in Mexico to promote health, gender equality, and economic development. We seek to increase the number of health workers per 1,000 individuals in the country, emphasizing the need of treatment in rural areas, primary care medicine, and disease prevention. This initiative began as a collaboration with the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, the University of Texas Health and Science Center, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Yesalinglés (2012-): In collaboration with the University of Texas A&M San Antonio, this English-language learning program is implemented in schools throughout the territory of the Mexican Republic. It looks to boost economic development in Mexico and foreign investment by offering a skilled labor set and at the same time bridging the social divide in the country. In conjunction, we also worked with CONOCER (National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies) to create the Standard English B1 and B2 aligned to the Common European Framework.
  • Yo soy Mexico (2010-2016): Was the first return migration policy initiative in Mexico. This initiative and program was the basis for the creation of the program “Somos Mexicans” by the Secretary of the Interior in Mexico. In collaboration with the private sector and the government, the purpose was to study the profile of the returning migrant, identify their skills and abilities, and to integrate them successfully in the Mexican workforce.
  • MATT Maestro en Casa (2009-2017): In collaboration with the Catholic Church in the United States and school districts with high Hispanic populations, this no-cost education program was created to support foreign-born individuals, by providing materials to facilitate a better understanding of how the different systems work in the United States and improve their chances of success. More than 150,000 families participated and a program spin-off is still used by school districts and other organizations working with Latinos.
  • Registro Civil (2008-2017): Between 2014 and 2017, RC assisted over 4,500 people by providing them with access to official documents issued by the Mexican Government, such as birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses to assist in establishing an individual’s identity. Spurred changes due to the implementation of the program include the fact that today the Mexican Consulates worldwide offer the printing of birth certificates as a staple service. This access allows Mexican consulates authority to obtain passports, consular registration and processes your residence.